There are more medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Colorado than  Starbucks. So does that mean people like pot better than coffee or are there more sick people in Denver. Read more after the jump.Glossy guidebooks list nearly 300 locations where Colorado’s 125,000 residents who have been prescribed medical marijuana can get their “medicine.” Many offer a free joint to new customers, allowing them to sample exotic strains like Jah Kush, Golden Goat and Romulan Cotton Candy.

Local smokers even have a professional critic to help them navigate the gauntlet of bongs, pipes and vaporizers, or make that essential choice between Super Silver Haze and Purple Passion.

The critic’s pen name is William Breathes; he keeps his real identity secret to ensure he gets the same treatment as any other patient. Tell me are you shocked that it has come to this in some cities, you know so open about it?

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