After two reports of funnel clouds in the Flint area last night, we thought it was time to revisit the Flint Beecher tornado of 1953.

Talk to anybody over the age of 60 in Genesee County and they likely have a story, or their parents' and relatives' account of the deadly 1953 Flint Beecher tornado that roared through the area.

It happened that year on Monday, June 8th and still goes down in history as one of the top ten deadliest tornadoes in our country's history; it was part of a day-long outbreak between Michigan and Ohio.

The tornado carved a 27-mile path that killed 116 people; 113 of those deaths were in Beecher. It wiped out nearly every home in the Coldwater Road corridor between Clio Road and Dort Highway. 340 homes were destroyed and 260 were damaged.

What's your or your family's story about the Flint Beecher tornado? Our friend/listener Randy called up and said that his parents got in their car and booked it north on I-75. What about you?


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