Milk is the most requested item at local food banks; however, it's very rarely donated.

In addition to the Flint water crisis, this has been an extra tough couple of years for some Flint residents. So Kroger and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan have started an initiative to raise enough money to provide a million glasses of milk for people in Flint.

"If the lead is in the bones and there is not accurate calcium in the diet, the lead will come back out of the bones and re-circulate through the body," Kathi Eckler, Director of Nutrition for United Dairy Industry of Michigan, said in a statement. "So it's really, really important for these kids in Flint to have a nutritious diet that has adequate calcium in it."

The money will be donated to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. For more information on how you can help, go to

Guess we learn something new every day! I had no idea that the Food Bank was so short on MILK. Seems like a basic item, no? Very glad that the help is still coming here to Flint.

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