Northern Michigan saw enough snow to build a snowman Monday night and the folks at the National Weather Service Office in Gaylord were eager to show him off.

You know this means we won't be far behind, right?

Gaylord reports that 2.1 inches of snow fell overnight, yielding enough snow to make a pretty cool-looking snowman. The office noted in the tweet that the snowman is actually a little late to the party this year.

News Channel 3

But if you think that's something, wait 'til you read this.

Parts of the Upper Peninsula got more snow than Gaylord - a lot more. Watton, which is located in Baraga County in the U.P., reported 7.7 inches of the white stuff at 8 am this morning. Lake effect snow from Lake Superior hit other areas in the Upper Peninsula as well:

  • Three Lakes:  6.9 inches of snow
  • Pine Stump Junction:  6 inches of snow
  • Vanderbilt:  3.5 inches of snow
  • Elmira:  2.5 inches of snow
  • Sault Ste. Marie:  2.1 inches of snow

Mlive reports that heavy snow on power lines actually caused some residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to lose power early this morning.

And more snow is on the way, at least for our neighbors in Northern Michigan. Parts of the region could see four to six inches by Thursday.

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