The Covid Vaccine is being fast tracked for approval right now, and should be available soon, but not everyone will be rushing to get vaccinated.

The vaccine has been what we have all been waiting for to help us finally turn the corner against Covid-19, and finally put 2020 behind us. It seems like everyone would be lining up to get vaccinated, but that's just not the case. There are quite a few people who have been very vocal about their apprehensions toward the vaccine.

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Memes like this have been running all over the internet by normal people who are untrusting of the potential vaccine. Normally I would chalk this up to the anti-vacsers and just move on, but it feels like there are more people joining ranks.

This is where I get confused.

  • Everyone agrees that 2020 is quite possibly the worst year any of us have lived through.
  • Everyone agrees that Covid-19 has been at the root of most all of the problems, even if you are one of the crazies that doesn't believe it's real.
  • Most of us agree that vaccines are safe and have helped eradicate many deadly diseases.

So why are there so many people going so hard about not getting the vaccine? I understand that it's new, and that it was produced fairly quickly compared to other vaccines. I see how that would cause some apprehension, but with the amount of support it's received from the medical community, that apprehension should be diminished.

When the vaccine is is available, most of us will be toward the end of the line. It's expected that healthcare workers, and other essential high risk populations will get it first. It may be the middle of 2021 by the time the general public can get the vaccine.

So the big question is, will you get the vaccine when it is available? There is a poll below, and before you answer I want to put a couple of guidelines down. Let's assume that the vaccine is available in June of 2021 for the general public, and that there have been no crazy zombie apocalypse's between the first vaccines given and then . . . will you get the vaccine?


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