The Cars 108 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt might be the easiest egg hunt you've ever been on.

Imagine an egg hunt where every egg has a great prize in it, and you don't even have to step outside to look for the eggs! That's how simple we've made it for you to win this Easter. Just listen to Morning's with Clay & Lisa Marie and download the Cars 108 App. They'll ask you to call in and pick one of our ten Easter Eggs, and you win the prize inside. The best part is that every egg is filled with a great prize from a Genesee County business.

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You'll have two chances every day to pick through our egg patch and with great prizes. Mornings with Clay & Lisa Marie will have your first chance before 9am, and George McIntyre will have your second chance during Workday 108.

Make sure you have notifications turned on in the Cars 108 app, because that will be the easiest way to know exactly when you can call and win. When you call, you just pick from one of our 10 Easter Eggs to win prizes from one of our partners below.

  • King Arthur's Pasties
  • Blondies Food & Spirits
  • Pure Bliss Salon & Spa
  • The Dog Barber
  • Hilton Garden Inn & Sauce in Flint
  • Visa Gift Cards

You can win every day now through Thursday April 1st.

Quick reminder that downloading the Cars 108 App is a good thing to do right now. Not only will it give you an advantage with the Cars 108 Easter Egg Hunt, but it is your key to $10k with the Cars 108 Workday Payday starting April 5th.

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