We're not promising that the weather will cooperate, but getting the kids out of the house is important no matter what.

It's definitely true - April showers bring May flowers. With all the rain we've gotten, those flowers had better be ten-feet-tall next month! It looks like rain most of this Easter weekend, but there are still egg hunts for the kids all over the place.

Saturday, April 20th

*Clio Community Church of God

1215 W. Vienna Road, Clio from 10-11 AM

* Wojo's Greenhouse in Davison and Ortonville

Registration starts at 9:30 AM, egg hunt starts at 10 AM

*North Flushing Baptist Church

7500 W. Mt Morris Road, Flushing from 1-3 PM

*Lake Callis Recreation Complex in Davison

1152 N. Gale Road in Davison, 2-4 PM

*Mosaic Church of the Nazarene

8499 Dort Hwy, Mt Morris at 3:30 PM

*North Flint Food Market 


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