Sometimes the best things in life...are free. 

I'm a big believer in Craigslist. You can find a lot of cool stuff if you poke around the in the "free" section of almost any area's CL page. I did some poking and prodding myself this weekend, and here's the best of FREE on Flint's Craigslist.


Screen shot via Flint Craigslist

Anybody want an adorable grey and white kitty cat that's good with other pets AND potty trained? Now, we're wondering if she's literally, like, potty trained. That might be something you could ask when you all the owner.


Screen shot via Flint Craigslist

8 and 9 month old tabby kittens? Ummmmm, yes PLEASE. Head over HERE to see more pics.


Screen Shot via Flint Craigslist

In case you're wondering why pianos are usually given away for free, it's because they're a beast to transport and that's usually part of the deal. But hey, a free piano is a free piano.

Screen Shot via Flint Craigslist

Not only will you get a piano, but they'll pay you $10. That's how desperate they are to get rid of this thing. A church with too many pianos? I'm SHOCKED!

Anyways, maybe these are what you've been looking for...and maybe they're not. But always make sure to check out the FREE section, because you never know what you might find!