Sometimes things just don't go right. A stage rig that is supposed to fly Taylor Swift above the crowd and throughout the arena failed Saturday night and left the Wildest Dreams singer stranded during her show Saturday in Philadelphia.

Take a look at the videos below from Twitter. During Taylor's song 'Delicate' she begins to reveal that something may be going a little haywire. Then when the song ends in the second video, she explains what's happening to the crowd.

"So what happens now is I'm supposed to chill and wait to find out what happens next."

Personally, I think it's fun to see something like this happen during such a usually-polished, highly-produced show. My son and I saw a show Saturday at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit and the lead singer of Panic! at the Disco Brendon Urie played the piano while flying above the crowd on a suspended platform. (But it all went flawlessly.)

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