She lives on the "haves" side of Alter Road, but she drives to the "have-nots" every day to deliver donated supplies.

Erica Guido has set up a Facebook page called To Detroit, With Love. She receives donations of beds, couches, groceries, clothing, etc. that are dropped off on her porch. She loads her husband's pickup truck with said donations and takes them to families in need in some of Detroit's poorer areas.

She started the Facebook group last September with the intention of helping one homeless woman. Since then, she has helped 85 families in over two dozen homes.

She says that she wants to build "a bridge" between the privilege and disparity and that she wants to help share "resources and opportunities."

Possibly my favorite quote that she gave to the Detroit Free Press is this: “Leave the bubble of Grosse Pointe. Cross Alter. It’s not that scary.”

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