This is what it looks like to go above and beyond. A police officer in Sterling Heights took on the role of delivery driver after a pregnant DoorDash driver got into a car accident.

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Bryanna Fantozzi was making a DoorDash delivery last Wednesday (2/22) when she got into an accident on Metropolitan Parkway near Dodge Park Road. Her car and the other driver's vehicle were undrivable, so she lobbed the inquiry toward Lieutenant Allen and Officer Smith, who came to the accident scene.

"I have a question, because I have DoorDash stuff in my car, is there anyway that you guys could deliver that for me?"

Fantozzi showed the officers how close the residence was on her phone and gave them the name and address.

"Yeah, I'll take it for you," Lt. Allen said while chuckling. "Hopefully they give you a good review."


Watch the Officer Make a Flawless Delivery

In the video below, you'll see lieutenant Allen show up to the customer's house. Detroit's WJBK-TV identified the customer as Genna Pizzo, who greeted him as he pulled up to the house.

The Officer Delivered Food & Jokes

Allen joked that he wasn't responsible if the order wasn't correct and also noted that the customer was pretty lucky that her Texas Roadhouse rolls survived the trip.

"If that's Texas Roadhouse you're lucky if the rolls made it. I'm on a diet right now and that would have been questionable," he said.

Take a look at the video below.


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