The post on the Drummond Island Animal Clinic's Facebook has gone viral with this big, beautiful bird.

A woman was driving along M-134 up on Drummond Island (east of the UP, basically almost Canada) when she saw something in the road. She pulled over and realized that it was a snowy owl; she started to take pictures of it, not realizing that it was injured.

Enter small-town luck right here - the local veterinarian just happened to be driving by at the same time. Dick Bennett stopped his car to see if the woman was having car trouble and saw what she was looking at.

He brought the owl to his veterinary clinic and determined that she must've "run out of steam." Snow owls migrate south from the Arctic when the food supply gets low, and this little lady was obviously malnourished and dehydrated.

She was transferred to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Grand Rapids, where she's recovering well.

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