Christmas was well over a week ago. So why are you still putting toys together for your kids? Maybe because a lot of today's toys are getting more and more expensive, and less and less assembled.

While Christmas time is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone, don't forget that the kids can't enjoy their toys until someone take on the task of putting them together.  How long do some of today's toys take to get up and running?

Barbie Malibu Dream House . . . 3 Hours

Power Wheels H2 Hummer . . . 2 Hours

Lego Millennium Falcon . . . 5 Hours

XBOX 360 (Setup + Time spent attempting to connect to the internet during a cyber attack on the XBOX platform before giving up) . . . 10 Hours

What was the most frustrating toy you've ever had to assemble, and how long did it take?

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