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Five Christmas Stats You Probably Don't Know
For years I've felt that most of us have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I love how Bronner's in Frankenmuth boasts that it's a CHRISTmas wonderland, not a holiday hangout!  There are about 800 surveys out there involving Christmas shopping, and we've come up with f…
Gift Buying Can Be Tricky
Buying gifts for people can be hard, especially if you receive one unexpectedly.  When this happens, what do you?  Should you buy one in return?
Would You Buy Your Kid A Cell Phone For Christmas?
Do you know what you're going to buy your child for Christmas?  Would you buy a cell phone for them?  If you don't know what to get, would you consider buying them a gift card?  Apparently, both of these are on the list of gifts you shouldn't buy for your child.