You knew that it is a problem but had no idea how much of a problem prescription drug opioids truly is until this data was released.

I came across an article on Mlive today that completely shocked me with its results. According to the article, Michiganders are more likely to die of an overdose from prescription opioid abuse than any other drug, especially a heavy hitter like heroin.

Wow. I've always heard that prescription drug abuse was on the rise, but I truly had no idea how bad it is. Also, according to the findings that were sighted in the article from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, about 1 out of 5 people get their painkillers from their doctor and it's most likely women.

I'm sure there are my reasons why this type of abuse happens, but according to the data, it mostly starts out as some sort of pain relief for a condition, then balloons to an out of control problem.

Now that we have these findings, what's the next step? How do we help Michiganders kick this?

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