Anyone who has the honor to know Kirk Norman will tell you his generosity comes as no surprise. With a heart of gold,  Norman never fails to give back and support his friends and his community.

Since the beginning of the cornavirus pandemic Kirk Norman, owner of Snappers on the Water in the Fenton area, put the wheels in motion to make sure those in need would be taken care of. In March, Norman started providing free dinners to anyone needing a little extra help.

Norman has made it his priority to make sure anyone struggling wouldn't go hungry during the pandemic. "This was such a devastating time in people lives.  I had seen and heard people in pain and I thought if you can help, you should", Norman told us.

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Since March, each day between 2pm -7pm Snapper's is ready to provide meals to anyone stopping by for curbside pickup. No questions asked. The process is simple. Each day during the designated times vehicles can drive up to the orange cones in the parking lot, and let Kirk or one of his helpers know how many meals they need. The packaged meals are then set on a table and picked up by the guest. The meals change daily and have included spaghetti, tacos, and meatloaf.

Norman's friends in the community have taken notice and appreciate all he has done, but aren't surprised by his efforts.  Snapper's also provides free meals during the holiday season as well.

Photo: Courtesy of Snapper's
Photo: Courtesy of Snapper's

As for Norman, he's received something very special from his caring gesture. "Little did I know that the inside fulfillment in my heart would make me feel so happy,  and that is something you can not buy with money."


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