And there's a lot of MAD MEN (and women, too) out there. 

This might be the only time in history that I'd encourage you to read online comments. The guys are NOT happy about Reba being the newest Colonel Sanders.

In a brilliant marketing move, KFC has been switching up the actor(s) that play their founding father in commercials for the last few years. Everybody from George Hamilton to Rob Lowe to Ray Liotta (surprised? We were too!) has played the Colonel. You can see the full list HERE.

Now, the chicken giant has decided to take a chance on a woman - and not just any woman, but the ever-so-fabulous Reba McEntire.

Not gonna lie, we love her, so we love it. Reading the comments on the post below, however, assures us that chauvinism is alive and well.

Calm down, dudes. It's an ad for fried chicken.

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