Not only are they helping the homeless, but they're helping the environment.

The group is called Bags 2 Blankets, and their goal is simple: they crochet plastic bags into blankets. The group was founded by Ruth Wieck and Fern Rueger; they got the idea from their church and ran with it.

Last Friday, they were at an assisted living in Saginaw teaching volunteers how to prepare the bags for crocheting. They were also there for people to drop off bags. The ladies say that they've got MORE than enough bags; now, they need more volunteers.

The blankets are then transferred to a shelter in Flint where they are used as bedding for the homeless. So not only do the blankets go to a great cause; they also keep the assisted living residents busy.

Love this! Keep up the great work, ladies! If you'd like to volunteer, they crochet from 9-12 PM on Saturdays at St. John Amelith Church and School in Bay City.

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