This story is so weird and we can't get enough of it. 

As a runner, I can tell you this - poop happens. They're called "runners trots." Sometimes, your body doesn't agree with the jostling and physical exertion, and you just can't hold it. There. I said it. And yes, it's happened to me.

But not multiple times. And not in the same person's yard. Which is why this story is oddly mesmerizing.

A runner has been taking regular dumps outside a Colorado Springs family's home, weekly. Cathy Budde, the mother of the house, has even put a sign outside, telling the woman to "stop immediately." Her children came inside, crying, saying that a woman was pooping outside their house.

She's reportedly pooped at other houses in the neighborhood. Police say they've never seen anything like this. Budde has said that the woman changed her "schedule" because she realized that she was being watched.

I gotta give the mom mad credit for laughing at this, meaning I'm not the only immature person here.

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