I have the inside info and I couldn't be more excited about it.

In case you're not a regular listener of our show, I'm from Milwaukee and Pat is from Chicago. And just like anybody else who lives away from their hometown, we love to partake in the local delicacies when we go back to visit.

Portillo's is a fast-casual restaurant chain that hails from the Windy City. It was originally called The Dog House and specializes in Italian beef sandwiches, polish sausage and hot dogs. Their menu has recently expanded to include almost everything from chopped salads, desserts and pasta.

Their chain has spread to Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota and now, they might be coming to Michigan.

I stopped at one of the Wisconsin locations over the weekend to pick up an Italian beef kit for Pat and the manager asked where I live. I told him and he said, "We just had a manager's meeting and Michigan is one of our next locations."




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