Got a hankering for an Italian beef sandwich or a Chicago-style hot dog?

As a native Chicagoan, please take my advice, and not with a grain of salt. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about - this is DEFINITELY something to be excited about.

The Chicago-based chain Portillo's is opening its very first Michigan location.

The location will famously feature the chain's signature two-drive-thru lanes and will seat 180 guests inside and 50 guests outside on their patio.

You'll be able to purchase their staple items like the Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches, Char-Grilled Burgers their famous chocolate cake.

The Mayor of Sterling Heights said that he's excited about the new business coming to town, saying that he used to visit family in the Chicago-area as a kid and always enjoyed going to Portillo's.

The CEO of Portillo's says that people have been requesting a Portillo's in Michigan for years and that this location will be the first of its kind - it will have a garage-type feel to it.

It's expected to open sometime next year.

I will be there on the day of their grand opening with bells on. In fact, I might just sign up for their free sneak-peek training meal. Wanna do it with me? You can sign up HERE. I can smell the Italian beef sandwiches coming off of their website.

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