Who knew you could look for love, while getting your hungover nacho game on.

This torridity taco affair starts on Craigslist Flint, and I am so happy I stumbled across this one. You will be too, I promise. According to the "Missed Connections" ad:

I was shopping for nacho stuff and margarita stuff. Super hungover and you asked me how I was I said "eh ok" and shrugged. [...] Then you showed me to the sour cream isle cause my hungover brain couldn't work. You are pretty cute but I get awkward trying to hit on guys showing me where the sour cream is. [...]  Tell me what I was wearing so I know it's not a different sour cream guy.

This ad is amazing for so many reasons, but the fact that there might be more "sour cream" guys that this person has to narrow them down by asking what the guy was wearing, is hilarious.

We've all been there. Someone shows us that they are interested in a possible romance, by showing us where the "sour cream" isle is. There's just way too many guys pulling this pick up routine, that she's got to narrow it down.

I truly hope that his lady finds her seductive sour cream guy. But if you are one of those other sour cream guys, she's nacho gal.

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