A huge piece of my teenage years died a few weeks ago without much fanfare. Considering what the world is going through right now, it was easy for many to maybe "overlook", but for me it was like having  a piece of my diary ripped away.

You couldn't open a "Seventeen" magazine or walk into a store in the 80's without a vintage Gunne Sax dress staring you in the face. Jessica McClintock basically dressed millions of us for proms, homecoming dances, and even weddings  rom the late 70's to the early 90's, but it was the 80's where she really shined.

Her dresses, that everyone just "had to have", showcased all those soft candy shade pastels, lacy whites, and poofy taffeta sleeves and satin that made prom in the 80's almost cringe worthy today. Her styles went perfect with our Aqua-Net hair and Bonnie Bell gloss lips. Having flashbacks yet? According to the Chronicle's Steve Ruben,

"Her designs were based on the ideal of romance and beauty. Her name became synonymous with milestone events in a woman's life...christening, prom, graduation, engagement and wedding".

And that they did. I can still remember the excitement bringing home my first Jessica McClintock dress for my prom. Pale lavender, bustled back, and off the shoulder ruffles. All I had to do was add the baby's breath to my hair and spray on some Loves Baby Soft and I was ready for my big night. Crazy right?

Photo: Lisa Marie
Photo: Lisa Marie

Jessica McClintock recently died at the age of 90 years old.  Although it was reported to the masses in mid-March, her obituary indicated she died peacefully in her sleep on February 16, 2021.

Her website says what so many young girls felt wearing her designs for those milestone moments in their lives...the ones that have that special spot in their hearts and memories.  Her bio notes the ideal of romance infuses the Jessica McClintock brand essence.

"I believe Romance is beauty that touches the emotional part of our being." - Jessica McClintock


Thank you Jessica McClintock for all those romantic, magical moments.


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