There's no doubt that this year's high school seniors, much like last year's seniors, are losing out on those final year markers that make their final year so special. From limited athletic seasons, to split session graduation ceremonies, this years graduating class is definitely having to adjust.

Talk to any high school student, and they will tell you how important their senior prom is. Again this year school districts have been met with the tough decision on whether to move forward with he traditional dance or cancel it once again. With the current state mandates in place her in Michigan within capacity restrictions for gatherings, the majority of districts, if not all, have canceled their senior prom.

Like many school, parents of Grand Blanc High School seniors have rallied to provide an alternative prom for their students. While many substitute proms are being held in backyards of private homes, Grand Blanc is taking their show on the road.

Destination Prom

This years Grand Blanc prom will actually be held out of state. Seniors have been invited to attend their prom at the Hilton Garden Inn in Toledo, Ohio. Arrangements have been made to hold the big event in Ohio on May 22. Restrictions in Ohio are loosened for gatherings and events with large groups.

Making the Trip

Organizers have included in the price of the ticket bus transportation to and from the out-of-state venue, which is about 1hour and 45 minutes away. Organizers of the dance are also making sure all parents and students sign a waiver relinquishing liability of the organizing committee.

Keeping Hometown Tradition

One special tradition of prom night in Grand Blanc will still happen locally. The "Red Carpet Walk" will take place at a local church just prior to the students departing on busses for their big night. Some parents voiced their disappointment that the school district would not allow the buses and the red carpet event to take place on school ground, but were able to move to a plan B.

Grand Blanc seniors may be having to road trip for their special night, but are more than willing to capture those special memories.


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