During the height of the pandemic most schools were forced to cancel their proms, and parents are worried that it might happen again this year.

I was perusing through my schools parent Facebook group, and someone asked the question about prom this year. Obviously nobody has a 100% solid answer on the status of prom yet. Most schools are still dealing with the massive amounts of students that have had to quarantine due to contact tracing. Prom might become a casualty of the pandemic for the second year in a row.

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This was a post from a local school FB group asking about Prom. Over and over again the idea of parents and students organizing their own prom, separate from the school keeps coming up. I might be in the minority here, but I can't see a scenario where this goes well.

There were parents that organized proms for their kids last year, and many of those gatherings helped lead to more school shutdowns. This year, now that we are getting closer to turning the corner in the pandemic, schools have a much tougher choice to make.

Pressure from parents to have a prom is growing on school administrators, but they also have to keep the safety of the entire student body in mind. This is very similar to the "Let Them Play" movement, which eventually got their way, despite many teams not being able to play due to Coronavirus exposure.

So I'm asking you. . . Do you think parents and students should organize their own prom if the school decides not to have one?


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