Analise Macksood, a high school senior at Grand Blanc, was treated to a surprise prom  moment by her father on the same day of her canceled high school prom.

From sporting events, graduations, and senior proms,  the class of 2020 has certainly had a year they didn't expect  Saturday, Analise was feeling what many seniors across the country are, a sense loss. Saturday would have been her senior prom.

Feeling down and shedding some tears, her mom Amy encouraged Analiese to put her dress on and get ready. Hoping that actually getting dressed for some pictures would brighten her daughters day, mom Amy Macksood also had something else in mind.

When Analise was dressed and ready she headed downstairs much like she would have on prom night. Instead of finding her date waiting, Analise was greeted by her father, tuxedo and all. Dr. John Macksood, a local gastroenterology specialist wanted to make sure his oldest daughter had a little bit of prom magic for her senior year.

Much like her earlier years of daddy/ daughter dances, the two headed out for some pictures and then they were off to spread a little love to Analise's friends also feeling down on prom night. They delivered bouquets of flowers and even stopped for a sentimental picture in front of the house Dr. Macksood grew up in. A little something special for her grandma, said mom Amy.

Although it won't fully replace the memories of senior prom night, it will definitely leave a lasting memory of a very special father daughter moment. "Knowing that he got all dressed up just to make my day that more special made me realize how lucky I am to have a dad like him", said Analise. And lucky you are.

Analise will head off to Michigan State University in the fall with a pre-med major, and her father, an MSU alum, couldn't be happier.

Photo: Courtesy of Amy Macksood
Photo: Courtesy of Amy Macksood
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