One day after Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended Michigan's Stay-Home-Stay-Safe order -- and made it clear that golf is not an essential activity -- dozens of people were photographed at a West Michigan golf course.

WOOD-TV reports that golfers who are members of a private golf course have found a "legal loophole" of sorts because police don't have jurisdiction over what happens at the privately-owned facility.

According to Kent County Sheriff's Department Lt. Joel Room, “Private golf courses are allowed to permit members to walk on and use the grounds if they choose.”

What the hell is so difficult to understand about the Governor Whitmer's words?

"While we could come up with all sorts of scenarios where we could make an argument that someone's safe in whatever activity it is they want to do, every single exception to a Stay-Home-Stay-Safe order makes this more porous and makes this less likely to work," the governor said in her address on Friday. "[Golf and landscaping are] not critical infrastructure. It's just not. They are not necessary to sustain life and, to be candid, just by engaging in it, can expose people to risk -- serious risk."

This appears to me to be a bunch of privileged, spoiled adults who think the rules don't apply to them and think they can justify everything they want to do, regardless of how it impacts the rest of us.

There will be plenty of time lie about your score when this is all over.

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