As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, a local police department is offering some great (and funny) advice about 'everything fireworks' and how to make the holiday a success.

The Bath Township Police Department has always been known for its tongue-in-cheek (yet prophetic and helpful) social media posts. Bath Township is located just north of East Lansing in Clinton County.

For instance...

They've created truly awful playlists for officers to pipe into their patrol cars, in an attempt to discourage drinking and driving around the holidays. (Who wouldn't want to enjoy these little ditties while being handcuffed in the back of a cop car?)

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They also shared some incredible 420 advice on April 20th that goes beyond combating the munchies.

Bath Township Police Department Fourth of July Witticisms

Keeping with the department's witty and helpful advice, they've come up with some truly helpful nuggets to help you and your family enjoy the fireworks this year.

  1. It is legal to set off fireworks each day this week (including July 5) until 11:45 pm. "We understand some people have dogs and personal issues with the noise. Those people should plan ahead for the possibility of noise until 11:45 pm.
  2. Drinking and fireworks don't mix. "Fireworks blow up. EVERY year someone loses a hand. Don’t be that guy. Drinking and fireworks might be fun... until you lose a couple digits and can’t tell your friends 'Peace Out' or flip off your ex when you see them at Walmart. JK we know you guys don’t do that."
  3. Forget the video. "No one. And I really mean no one... wants to tap through 21 minutes of grainy Snapchat videos of fireworks. Just sit back and enjoy the show."


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