Kudos to Bath Township as its social media presence is always right on point. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sarcastic. Today it's punny as hell.

Since today is 4/20, their social media specialist stuffed every pot reference in the world into one Facebook post. Whether you indulge or not, we think it'll make you laugh.

This person deserves a lot more green. A raise. I'm talking about more money. Geez.

"Time to be blunt. It's past the mid week and we've made it to another one of our Thursdaze. Weed like to say we're excited for the weekend too, but like a dope I picked up an extra work session for primo cash. So while I am stuck having to buzz around the Township, hopefully you all get to enjoy some family time, even with dad and his chronic back pain or aunt Mary and her fatty little doggy dog Roach. Doobie careful around Roach, he will steal food and you won't notice that nugget is gone until it's too late, or he might lick your face and dog spit is just sticky icky.
I also recommend doing something healthy, like grabbing some green and making a delicious salad. Just check the expiration date, wouldn't want to grab a leaf so bad it's basically the devils lettuce, cause man that is bad. Or get some fruit from that new service that delivers right to the door, Pineapple Express I think it's called.
While I would like to be hanging out at home, I know the grass is always greener on the other side and being here is some of the fine stuff. If you have any issues give us a call and I'll try to come hash out your problems or reefer you to someone that can help.
Well as my mom used to say, you gotta poo or get off the pot so I guess I should finish this post then make like a tree and get outta here.
Oh and before I forget, as we usually remind you to do on today's date, make sure to wish Carmen Electra a happy birthday! It's literally the only notable thing about today. So fire one up, and by that I mean a stove because Carmen deserves a cake that is well baked."

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