I went to an adoption event at a local pet store this weekend, and was saddened to see how many adult pitbulls were up for adoption. :(

I'm a HUGE animal lover, so maybe I'm biased. But I truly believe that there are no bad dogs; just bad owners. That was never more true than this Saturday, when I went to the pet store.

I was there to buy dog food, but they were having an adoption event. So of course, I had to go coo over the animals for a while. There was one cage with two identical puppies....and the rest of the cages were full of adult pitbulls. It just made me so sad. One of the pitbulls was growling at everybody who walked by. The other two were friendly, but still.

What do you think? Are pitbulls a bad breed, or do they get a bad wrap because of bad owners?

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