Tammy and Jordan Myers are facing an uphill climb. The Michigan couple is fighting to adopt their own biological twin babies which were born via surrogate.

This isn't a plot on a daytime soap opera. The Grand Rapids couple finds themselves up against Michigan's Surrogate Parenting Act. The 1988 law makes compensated surrogacy illegal in our state and says that even if a surrogacy isn't compensated, any agreement made between parties won't be recognized in court.

The Myers' Journey Was Halted by Breast Cancer

The Myers' story began after the birth of their first daughter, Corryn. When the couple made the decision to expand their family, Tammy found a lump in one of her breasts. She underwent aggressive cancer treatment which rendered her unable to carry children in the future. Tammy had the foresight to consider her fertility and had eggs harvested before undergoing treatment.

After considering all their options, the couple decided their best plan of action was to invoke the help of a surrogate. Jordan's sperm was used to fertilize Tammy's eggs which were carried by Lauren who is termed a gestational carrier.

The Babies' Early Arrival Complicated Things

Tammy tells People Magazine that their attorney drew up a pre-birth order which has been successfully used by Michigan couples in the past. The agreement would give them legal parental rights to their babies before they were born. But the babies arrived eight weeks early, before the pre-birth order process had been completed.

The Myers were then forced to fight for emergency legal rights to their own biological children in order to put them on their health insurance. That was denied, which forced the family into a situation where they would have to fight for the right to legally adopt their own children.

That was shattering," she tells People. "I'd already been through cancer and fought for my life and was finally moving on. I would carry my own children if I had the chance. I wasn't choosing not to carry."

The adoption process is not yet complete.

Tammy and Jordan have had their babies at home ever since they were born but they are not yet legally their parents. They have, however, been appointed the babies' legal guardians.

Their Quest for Adoption

As the twins approach their first birthday, the Myers are undergoing the lengthy process of qualifying for adoption which includes background checks and home visits, according to People.

"We've always wanted nothing more than to bring our babies home and love them," she said. "[The court] has put us through hell."

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