It’s a monologue, it’s a blog … it’s a monoblog!

Two good jokes and one bad one – you decide which is which.

  • Wendy’s is running ads saying it’s never used the so-called “pink slime” beef filler. I guess that’s nice to know, but isn’t that kinda like saying, “Eat at Wendy’s, we’re slightly less gross than the competition”?
  • A new study suggests that women can detect snakes faster during the premenstrual phase of their monthly cycles. Apparently during this time they’re also 100 times more likely to beat the snake to a bloody pulp while screaming, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"
  • President Obama is blasting Republicans for what he calls their “on your own” economics. Republicans fired back saying Obama has the name wrong. "It's called 'I got mine' economics. C'mon, get it right."

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