As Reality TV pushes the mind-numbing envelope, PBS has rolled out three brilliant parodies designed to make us realize that outrageous has become synonymous with stupid.

The ads (below) are designed to make viewers think they're watching promos for actual Reality TV drivel, then the punchline hits.

"The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV."

The Network issued a series of print ads featuring the same theme earlier this summer.

'Meet The Tanners' spotlights a family of sun worshipers. "We have rules in this house, if you sass me, you go to the shade!"

'Clam Kings' pits two clam-digging families against each other, and it's all-out war!

'Long Island Landscapers' follows a group of entrenepurs that are better at cutting corners than cutting grass.

- George McIntyre
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