When I look at some of the TV shows my kids watch these days, it gets me thinking about the shows I watched growing up.  What ever happened to shows like "Reading Rainbow" and "The Letter People"?  Sure, Sesame Street is still on, but it's a lot different than it was when I was a wee lad.

Then there's "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", another show I wish my kids will remember when they're my age.  Fred Rogers retired in 2001, and passed away on February 27, 2003.  His show ran in reruns until 2008, but PBS is on to something that brings Mister Rogers back with a modern twist.

One year ago tomorrow, June 6, 2012, PBS Digital Studios released "Mister Rogers Remixed - Garden Of Your Mind", and so far it has almost nine-million views!

Today, 364 days later, another remix was posted to YouTube called "Sing Together".  Which of the two remixes below you like better?

Here is Fred Rogers saying goodbye after fifty years on the air.

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