The Flint Water Crisis will be receiving more attention from the science community with a NOVA Special on PBS.

I always enjoy watching NOVA specials on PBS because you get to really get into the nitty-gritty of a subject. Usually, it's about a subject that I have no experience or knowledge about, but want to learn more. But this upcoming NOVA special hits home.

PBS's NOVA will be airing a special devoted to the Flint Water Crisis on Wednesday night, May 31st at 9 p.m. called Poisoned Water. According to the website's program description:

Water. Turn on the faucet and it’s always there. Without it we perish. But how safe is our tap water? In this special report narrated by Joe Morton, NOVA investigates what happened in Flint, Michigan, when local officials changed the city’s water source to save money, but overlooked a critical treatment process. As the water pipes corroded, lead leached into the system, exposing the community—including thousands of children—to dangerous levels of poison. NOVA uncovers the science behind this manmade disaster— from the intricacies of water chemistry to the biology of lead poisoning to the misuse of science itself. NOVA follows ordinary citizens and independent scientists who exposed the danger lurking in Flint’s water and confronted those who turned a blind eye. And discover the disturbing truth that reaches far beyond Flint—water systems across the country are similarly vulnerable. How can we protect ourselves from poisoned water?

I am looking forward to this NOVA special, and I hope that people who watch it all over the country will understand that this is a still an ongoing thing that many Flint residents are dealing with in an extreme manner. I am curious to see how this special will be received by others and hope that more positive changes will happen with Flint and across the country.

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