PBS Start Up rolled into Flint near the end of 2019 to feature GoodBoy Clothing entrepreneur Oaklin Mixon.

Start Up is a series produced by PBS to feature the entrepreneurs that are helping to rebuild business across America. They have made a few trips to Michigan in their 7 seasons, but this is their first time in Flint.

The 9th episode of season 7 features Flint in a different light than most national media does. The episode focuses on the positive things and people that are rebuilding Flint after years of hardship. We all know that the Flint fashion industry is booming with clothing lines from Bedrock, Kalm, and Eight One Zero just to name a few.

Oaklin Mixon talks about how the culture in Flint is changing, and how happy he is to be a part of that change.

You can watch the entire episode below, or go here to see other episodes of Start Up from PBS.

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