Actors and actresses that play a married couple have to have chemistry. Just look at the great chemistry between Tim Allen and his TV wife Nancy Travis on ABC's 'Last Man Standing'. But what about the chemistry he had with Patricia Robertson? You know, Jill from 'Home Improvement'?

What if you combined all that chemistry? No, it wouldn't be a chemical explosion... it would be a Grand Slam comedy explosion!  And it was last Friday night as the woman who played Tim Allen's former TV, made her first of what we hope will be many appearances on 'Last Man Standing'.

Richard Karn, who played Al on Home Improvement, made a hilarious cameo last year, and even Jonathan Taylor Thomas has made a few LMS appearances, including the role of Patricia Richardson's character's son, ironically named Randy.

When asked if a 'Home Improvement' reunion would ever happen, Richardson didn't waste time shooting down the idea. She said it would never happen because of the passing of Earl Hindman, who played the role of Tim's wise neighbor, Wilson.