We'd like you to meet Greg Smith, and Greg Smith would like to introduce you to Amy Joe. Greg is an Orlando businessman who dresses nicely, makes a decent income, and essentially lacks nothing.

In a Facebook post from April 26th, Greg explains that he has been walking by Amy Joe for quite some time, but instead of asking for money, she simply greets him with a polite hello, and wishes him well.

But rather than being dismissive, the 27-year-old founder of Hybrid Athletes has gotten to know Amy Joe. And what he does for her is extraordinary!

As smith began to get to know the woman, he made a weekly commitment to take her to lunch. It was then that he learned that Amy Joe cannot read -- and that she would rather use what little money she collects to obtain books in order to teach herself to read, than to buy food.

That revelation hit Smith hard.

This crushed me!!! She would rather learn to read to maybe find a job then eat!!! I have been blessed with two amazing parents and a family that has always had resources to provide me with anything I wanted to do. Amy Joe has not. So now not only do Amy Joe and I sit and have lunch, I'm teaching her to read. I rent one library book a week and we read it together Tuesday and she practices on her own throughout the rest of the week.

He goes on to say that his post isn't meant to gather sympathy for Amy Joe, or to brag about himself.

I wanted to share this because maybe this can lead to someone helping another person. There are a lot of people out there like Amy Joe, not all are hungry, homeless, or hurt. Some could be your family or friends. Helping someone could be as easy as saying hello and smiling.

Smith would like to encourage others to help those less fortunate, and concludes his Facebook post in the most beautiful way.

If this is something that hit home with you, Like & Share it...if not, that's okay too. But you never know what you can do for someone until you try. Who is your Amy Joe?!?!? ‪#‎humblepie‬

Read Greg and Amy Joe's story here.


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