"You have to understand that those who are in need sometimes don’t have that opportunity to go to a restaurant.”

This week, Bon Jovi opened his second Soul Kitchen restaurant in New Jersey, where diners can pay by making a donation to somebody else's meal, or by volunteering in the kitchen.

This particular location has been opened in a part of New Jersey that was hit especially hard by Hurricane Sandy. The restaurant is part of a one-stop center that helps people apply for nutritional assistance benefits, as well as helping them to prepare for jobs in the food service industry.

"When you come into this restaurant, there are no prices on our menu," Bon Jovi told CBS News. "So if you are in need, you participate. And that means bussing the table, washing a dish, working in our gardens. If you are here to just enjoy a meal, and effect change directly by buying a pay it forward card, you are paying for your meal and for someone else's that are here in the restaurant."

"People are coming in, they're choosing from a menu," Dorothea said. "They sit at a beautiful table, we sit people together communally. And everyone has the same experience regardless of how they got there."

You're right, Jon. It's not a "typical rock star" thing to do, and that's why we love you.

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