Have you ever headed out on a vacation or a road trip journey somewhere?  When you’re finally home you sit back and reflect on where you went, what you experienced, and the memories you took away.

Over the past year I set out on my own journey of sorts. Although I didn’t travel anywhere, I had a chance to experience, learn and take away some valuable information. I was on a financial journey. A financial fitness journey thanks to ELGA Credit Union, and what I took away is truly life-changing.

Now trust me when I say, I didn’t end up a millionaire, although that would have been nice! What I did was walk away with a new way of living. From budgeting to planning and (of course) saving, I’ve spent a year learning a new way to live.

When you actually stop and take a look at your financial situation and your spending habits it can really be a real eye-opener. Thanks to my Financial Fitness Classes and the team at ELGA,  I made changes that will last me a lifetime and put me in the position I really wanted to be financially at this stage in my life.

No longer do I live paycheck to paycheck, or dread a moment that comes along unexpectedly, like auto repairs or unplanned medical expenses. I’ve been able to take special trips with my children and do a little extra for my family. For myself, I have been able to feel good about where I am at this stage of the game and feel secure in being prepared for the future.

So why not start your own journey? Do it today, and change your financial destination. Call ELGA Credit Union today at (810) 715-3542 or visit them at elgacu.com.