This guy is a true hero - not sure if I'd have the cajones to run into a burning mobile home.

Robert Slick is a conservation officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. He's been with the department since 2005; his area to patrol is Ottawa County.

He was jogging around 5:30 PM last Wednesday, August 26th, in the Spring Lake area (just northeast of Grand Haven), when he saw a plume of smoke. He kept running and came upon the Country Estates Mobile Home Park where one of the units was engulfed in flames.

Slick started talking to one of the many people who had gathered around the home; 911 had already been called but there was an elderly woman still inside. Slick and a neighbor managed to open the back door and enter the home; the woman couldn't fit her walker through the laundry room door to escape, so they picked her up and carried her out to safety.

“The department is proud of Officer Slick and the gentleman who assisted him,” Gary Hagler, chief of the DNR Law Enforcement Division, told “They risked their own lives to save another. A conservation officer is never truly off-duty and is trained to respond to situations like this.”

The fire was put out in less than an hour by local firefighters; in total, seven residents of the mobile home and two dogs were rescued and brought to safety.

This is just incredible. Talk about selflessness - running into a burning building to save a stranger? Wow!

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