Working for the Michigan DNR will put more money in your pocket this year.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced that it will be boosting the starting hourly rate for seasonal park workers. In previous years, starting pay ranged from $10.20 to $12 per hour depending on the region the employee worked in and their experiences. Now that starting pay is being bumped to $15 per hour.

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We decided we needed to raise our hourly rate in order to stay competitive with other job opportunities for teens, young adults and retirees...Our seasonal summer workers are key to helping us provide great recreation experiences for every visitor. We think this rate increase will help, but we also want to remind people that we offer a positive work atmosphere and opportunities to explore a career in parks and recreation and natural resources management...said DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson.

This new pay rate is set to begin on Sunday, May 29th, 2022. The $15 per hour rate will apply to those employees that were already hired for the summer season and all new seasonal park workers.

If you are looking for a seasonal job this summer, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is still looking for 400 more employees. Seasonal workers have flexible hours and can work up to 1,040 hours between April and October. Those looking to apply can click here to begin the hiring process or text "Hire to 80888. Other perks like academic or internship credits are also available with these positions at the Michigan DNR.

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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