Get ready to do some free fishing and more this weekend in Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced the upcoming "Three Free" Weekend here in Michigan. That means that Michigan residents will be able to enjoy some of the more fun things that the state has to offer for zero money out of pocket.

When is the "Three Free" Weekend?

The "Three Free" Weekend is going to take place throughout Michigan on Saturday, June 12th, and Sunday, June 13th.

What is included in the "Three Free Weekend?"

Michigan residents will be able to go fishing, ORV riding, and get the recreation passport fees waived for this two-day event.

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The free fishing weekend is offered to Michigan residents twice each year. During these couple days, both residents and out-of-state visitors can skip the license fees and take the family fishing in both inland and Great Lakes waters. This year, kids ages 5 through 19 can participate in the 4-H Youth Virtual Fishing Derby. The derby lets kids complete virtual challenges and earn points that couple turn into prizes or certificates.

The free ORV weekends are also offered twice each year throughout Michigan. ORV riders from all over can hit the almost 3,800 miles of off-road trails and Michigan's six scramble areas without having to purchase an ORV license or trail permit.

To round out the "Three Free" weekend, Recreation Passport fees will be waived this weekend as well so entry into state parks and boating access sites are free as well.

The summer is finally here, get out there and enjoy it.

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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