If you are looking for some new land in Michigan, the DNR has begun a public land auction.

More and more a lot of people are looking for land that is "off the grid" and away from cities. If you fall into this category, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has started an online auction featuring surplus public land.

How many pieces of property are available in this auction?

After examining the properties that it manages, the Michigan DNR has selected 10 properties that are much better suited for private ownership. This properties are located in Antrim, Baraga, Benzie, Berrien, Delta, Gogebic, Midland, and Oakland counties.

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What kind of properties are in the online auction?

There are a variety of properties up for sale in this auction including waterfront properties, forest properties, and more:

  • Waterfront Properties
    • Antrim County - two+ acres with 200 feet of frontage on the western shore of Torch Lake.
    • Baraga County - An abandoned church parcel near L'Anse with 225 feet of frontage on Lake Superior.
    • Delta County - South of Escanaba, a forested two-acre property with frontage along the western bank of the Ford River, about half of a mile upstream from Lake Michigan.
  • Forest Properties
    • Gogebic County - A full 40-acre property near Watersmeet.
    • Midland County - A 60-acre property in Sanford surrounded by private landowners.
    • Benzie County - Two separate, forested properties. 20 acres in Benzonia Township and 13 acres in Lake Township.
    • Berrien County - A forested 12.5-acre property in Lake Township along Red Arrow Highway.
  • Other Properties
    • Delta County - 0.6-acre property in Escanaba along Lake Shore Drive.
    • Oakland County - Vacant, buildable lot abutting a local county park in Groveland Township.

When does the auction end?

Those wishing to bid on the properties available have until June 15th and 16th to place their bids. Click here for all the details on the auction.

I would love to buy something on the water, up north, away from other people. That would be amazing!

Source: Michigan DNR

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