The village of Holly, Michigan is picking up the pieces after a devastating fire blazed through the downtown area on June 21st.

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I went into Holly this morning and there is still a strong first responders presence. Firefighters and police are still on the scene. The Holly Fire Department had help containing the fire from the following fire departments,

  • Groveland
  • Milford
  • Troy
  • Fenton City and Township
  • Linden
  • Oxford
  • Brandon
  • Grand Blanc,
  • White Lake,
  • Oakland Regional,
  • Highland
  • Springfield,
  • Independence
  • Rochester
  • Waterford Regional
  • Novi
  • Commerce
  • Addison

Yes, that is how big the fire was. The fire ripped through the Holly Hotel, Andy's Place, Battle Alley Arcade Antiques, and Creative Fashions. The Holly Moose Lodge has extensive water and smoke damage. Many of the businesses affected by the fire posted updates on their individual Facebook pages,

Fenton Moose Lodge Facebook
Fenton Moose Lodge Facebook
Creative Fashions Facebook
Creative Fashions Facebook
Andy's Place Facebook
Andy's Place Facebook

So what started the fire? No definite answer has been given. I have read a few theories on social media. As of now, nothing has been confirmed by the Holly Fire Department or Holly officials. I do not want to speculate, so I am not including any of the current rumors in this article. From all accounts, more information will be made available.

What is most important now is being there for everyone involved in this tragedy. Like many of you, I have very fond memories of spending time in downtown Holly. There are more memories to be made.

You can see photos of the fire and its aftermath below, as well as a video. Thank you again to all of the brave firefighters and first responders.

Fire Rips Through Historic Downtown Holly

Historic Holly is picking up the pieces after a blazing fire ripped through the downtown area. Multiple businesses were on fire including the Holly Hotel.


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