A 4-year-old boy undergoing his second bone marrow transplant adores Oakland County Sheriff's deputies Bob Loken and Chris Topacio and their K-9 partners, and it's obvious that the feelings are mutual.

As Stephen Hohauser entered Children's Hospital of Michigan yesterday (4/26), he was greeted by K-9 units from across the county. Loken and Topacio had sent the word out to other Oakland County officers, knowing how much Hohauser loves four-legged police officers, and their handlers.

Stephen was given a special police officer's uniform, and got to sit in the officers' squad cars before entering the hospital. WDIV has some (adorable!) pictures of the little boy and his police officer friends here, and the video below.


Hohauser's mother says his cancer fight is expected to keep him hospitalized for the next three to five weeks, and is grateful for the support the Oakland County Sheriff's deputies has shown.

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