If you have ever traveled to a big city, then you probably are aware of a different kind of feeling that comes with it. Big cities seem colder, less friendly than smaller towns, almost rude at times. Well, you were probably right. According to a ‘Travel + Leisure’ survey of their well-trodden readership, New York City, true to its reputation, is the rudest city in the nation.

The Big Apple  lost out on the top spot in the previous three annual surveys, when West Coast behemoth Los Angeles took the “rudest city” crown.

But for whatever reasons Angelenos got nicer in 2011, only finishing fourth rudest behind NYC, Miami and Washington DC, and in front of Boston, Dallas, Phoenix, Baltimore, Orlando and Philadelphia.

New Yorkers would probably be fine with the rude rap, as long as their city represented itself well in the more than 50 other categories ‘Travel + Leisure’ surveyed, including characteristics like best food and  best public transportation.

But it turns out the the Big Apple only topped a few other categories, among them best theater and most stylish.

So visitors to NYC, beware. And to residents we say, “Hey! I’m walkin’ here!”  You can see the entire list of rudest cities here.

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