Kitty lovers, HOLLER! It's Fat Cat Friday! More to love, less to pay!

If you hope in the car right meow, you might just make it in time to the Chemung County Humane Society in Elmira, New York for a big chonk.

They're doing their first-ever Free Fat Cat Friday, and it's exactly what you think it is - cats over 10 lbs are free.

What I love even more is that they're doing weigh-ins, MMA style. Their available fat cats are as follows:

Miss. Muffit- 13.18#
Sally- 11.94#
Smokey- 12.10#
Star- 11.50#
Maia- 11.94#
Willy- 11.64#
Holly- 10.52# (not "fat" but she's over 10lbs)
Jerry- 11.10#
Bubba- 13.26#
Boo Radley- 11.42#
Autumn- 14.70#

The shelter is quick to note that all of these fur babies are, in fact, on diets, and they'd prefer that their furrrever homes continue with this practice.

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