The town of Plattsburgh, New York celebrates 'Michigan Month' the entire month of July. The celebration honors a Michigan food tradition, coney dogs.

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Luckily for Michiganders, we don't have to travel as far as New York to enjoy a delicious coney dog, you can find one practically anywhere in the Great Lakes State. If you do want to travel to Plattsburgh to see how they make a 'Michigan' - yes, that is what they call a coney, you have until the end of July to do so.

Michigan Month encourages patrons to visit the following four participating businesses to enjoy a Michigan,

  • McSweeney's
  • Clare and Carls
  • Gus's Red Hots
  • Ronnie's

Guests are encouraged to get their Michigan Month Passport stamped at all four spots. The town also holds a Michigan Month T-shirt design contest and a Michigan Mile Fun Run (fun and run - two words I never use in a sentence) and a 5K race too.

The Town of Plattsburgh Facebook
The Town of Plattsburgh Facebook

The 'Michigan' sounds close enough to me to be a Michigan coney, but for any doubters, the description is as follows according to Food & Wine (and

'A steamed hot dog covered in a meat sauce and topped with chopped raw onions and a stripe or two of yellow mustard [which] can be worn on top of the meat sauce or buried beneath. with a sauce that is thicker than most meat sauces but not as thick as chili'.

As I said, it sounds like a coney dog to me. I think this is awesome. Anyone up for a road trip to Plattsburgh, New York to grab a coney?

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