Yep. This is where we're at as a society, ladies and gentlemen.

If you've been out in public AT ALL in the last few months, not one word of this should surprise you - a Mexican restaurant in Dearborn Heights has decided to re-close (yes, you read that correctly) their dining room to customers because people suck.

Mexican Fiesta is a family-owned chain of Detroit-area restaurants that has been serving the area for more than 50 years. And, as of Monday, they have closed their dining room for a second time, but not because of a COVID-19 outbreak - because customers are treating their employees so poorly.

The manager, Sam Alvarado, told the Detroit Free Press that the anger has stemmed mostly from people who don't want to wear a mask inside the restaurant. Some of them are using their rights as reasoning; others are saying that they're not medically safe.

He was quick to point out, however, that most of their customers have been great. However, over the weekend, things became so intense that they decided to close their doors. Again.

Here's the short and skinny of it - if you were in Lansing, using small businesses as a reason that the Governor should re-open the state, you don't get to FIGHT with said business owners when they make you wear a mask in THEIR BUSINESS.

Is that easy enough to understand? It should be. It's not brain surgery. If you don't like a business's mask policy, go somewhere else.

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